Cracked Glass

Professional Apple iPhone 8 plus cracked glass screen repair service for: Freeport, TX | Surfside, TX | Clute, TX | Lake Jackson, TX | Angleton, TX | West Columbia, TX | Brazoria, TX | Sweeny, TX | Danbury, TX

Get your cracked top glass replaced on your iPhone 8 Plus on the spot in about 20 minutes.

Cost: $89

Damaged LCD Screen

Did you drop your phone and damage your LCD (picture under the glass)? This repair replaces your top glass and the LCD on your iPhone 8 Plus. Get yours today in about 20 minutes to complete.

Cost: $89

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Is your iPhone 8 Plus not holding a charge for very long? Is it dying too quickly? Have it fixed in about 15 minutes.

Cost: $69

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Charging Port

Is your iPhone 8 Plus not charging, connecting to your computer, or only working intermittently? Fixed in just 30 minutes.

Cost: $69


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Are you needing an Apple iPhone 8 Plus repair service? We can get you fix’d today!

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