Screen Repair

Cost: $59

Our Most Requested Service

Get your top glass and LCD combo replaced on your iPhone 5c in about 20 Minutes.


Cost: $59

iPhone 5c not holding a charge for very long? Dying too quickly? Have it fixed in about 15 minutes.

Charging Port

Cost: $59

Is your iPhone 5c not charging, connecting to your computer, or only working intermittently? Fixed in just 30 minutes.

Home Button

Cost: $59

Is your iPhone 5c home button not working properly? Are you having to press it hard or only working at times? This is the repair for you. Fixed in about 15 minutes.

(Please call for details on this repair)


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Are you needing an Apple iPhone 5c repair service? We can get you fix’d today!

Have an Apple iPhone 5c repair professional come to your location and fix your phone on the spot. Rather you’re looking for a replacement battery, power button, charging port, or LCD screen, we have your iPhone 5c repair needs covered.